About Walk For 60

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My name is Ben Clagett, and I’m a Colorado Springs native. In 2015, I successfully walked from Virginia Beach to San Francisco. Over the course of 191 days, I connected 3,250 miles worth of steps.

As a walking advocate and “addicted walker,” I am blessed to be able to attempt a second crossing of America on foot. My second walk will begin at the Atlantic Ocean near Portland, Maine in April 2018, and conclude at the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. I am hoping to complete the trek in six to seven months.

Walking is the simplest, purest form of movement people can partake in. Our fast-paced lifestyles, easy access to technology, and endless entertainment at our fingertips has caused society as a whole to drift away from the simplistic beauty of walking. I want people to reconnect with the world and themselves with the help of walking!

The past year has been a difficult one for me…personally and emotionally. Other than my incredible family and support system, walking has been the most consistent coping mechanism in my life. In addition to helping me maintain my physical health, walking has helped me cope with some big life changes and challenges. My daily walks are now a meditative process that allow me to speak openly with my creator. My outlook on life has changed and I have experienced significant growth as a person. Walking has been a key contributor to that growth.

As I make my way west across our beautiful country, I’ll share stories about the people I’ve met on the road, what its like to live simply on two feet, and how walking has positively impacted my life.

My sincere hope is that my journey inspires you to use walking as a tool to grow as a person. I challenge you to walk. Walk for better physical health. Walk to cope with loss, depression, anxiety, or addiction. Walk to grow closer with your higher power. Walk to reconnect with the world around you – and yourself in the process.

Walk On!



2 thoughts on “About Walk For 60

  1. Hey Ben,
    Kelly from the Loop here. It’s been real neat to follow your writings of your journey. I hope your (ankle?) foot is getting better. Any chance you have a map posted of where you are and how far you have gone.?
    Stay strong and grounded. Smiles, Kelly


  2. Hey Ben, it was a pleasure meeting you and getting to appreciate your presence. You truly are an inspiration and look forward to the journey you have to share and the positive connections created by you. Safe travels my friend!


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